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China has become a major producer and consumer of adhesives

2016/12/8 12:49:43

Our country is in the stage of rapid economic development. The establishment of modern industry and the development of science and technology require a small amount of high-efficiency adhesives. The development of new power, electronic appliances, fine instruments, automobiles, aerospace and other industries has greatly consoled the demand for adhesives in the domestic market. The largest consumption of adhesives is still in the building materials and indoor and outdoor decoration and decoration industry, accounting for 28% of the total production of adhesives in China, followed by packaging and labeling and wood processing industry, transportation industry and disassembly industry, the market demand for adhesives has been expanding, the fastest growing important is to use them again. Adhesive products in the field of bio-power, especially new power categories such as wind energy and solar energy.

At present, China has become a major consumer and consumer of adhesives and sealants, with an output of 170 in 2002. Fifty thousand tons increased to 462 in 2010. 80,000 tons (estimated), sales increased from 16.3 billion yuan in 2002 to 59 billion yuan in 2010 (estimated). It is estimated that the production of adhesives and sealants will reach 7.17 million tons and sales will reach 103.8 billion yuan by 2015. The average growth rates of output and sales in 2011-2015 were 10% and 12% respectively.