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Development Trend of Adhesives in China

2016/12/8 12:50:25

From the point of view of supply and demand of adhesives market in China, the supply of general-purpose medium and low-grade products in adhesives industry exceeds the demand, and the market competition is fierce. However, environmental-friendly, high-quality, high-performance and special adhesives with large demand in China need to be imported from abroad because of their high technical content and quality requirements. The 7th World Adhesive Conference held in Beijing discussed the development and application of environmentally friendly adhesives, high-quality and high-performance adhesives and the formulation of new product standards. It was predicted that high-performance environmental-friendly adhesives would become the "new favorite" of the adhesives market. Therefore, it is a domestic adhesives manufacturer and scientific research unit to develop high-quality, high-performance, functional and special "green" environmental protection adhesives, meet the new market demand, seize the high-end market of adhesives, change the current situation of large imports of high-grade adhesives, and promote the development of China's relatively backward adhesives industry. An imminent task.