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What problems can be solved by using silica gel primer

2016/12/8 12:52:36

1. Solving the incompetent adhesive strength of ordinary glue

Normal glue can withstand little bonding strength and tensile strength. The glue needed in daily life is as large as the requirement of bonding and the silica gel primer that is not needed in the production process. Therefore, the silica gel primer has a strong specialty, can be competent for a large number of bonding tasks that ordinary glue can not undertake, so that the bonding products are stable and durable.

2. Solving the problem of high glue usage

The use of ordinary glue is limited by some schemes requiring low viscosity, even if the loss of viscosity is not particularly large, which makes the users of ordinary glue not to buy a large amount of glue at one time; on the contrary, the manufacturers who choose the wholesale of silica gel primer are usually those who have large production demand at hand. It has the characteristics of high demand for silica gel primer.

3. Solving the problem of low shear strength of ordinary glue

As mentioned above, common glue is characterized by reduced shear resistance due to application scenarios. The silica gel primer used in the factory production line can solve these problems. The unique stability of silica gel primer makes the possibility of successful shearing very small, and can effectively and reliably guarantee the quality of finished products.

The three viewpoints described in this paper have explained many problems that can be solved by selecting silica gel primer. First, it can be competent for glue tasks that ordinary glue can not be competent for. Second, it can solve the problem of glue use in production line. Third, it is stable and has strong shear strength.